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tv   BBC World News  PBS  December 30, 2010 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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what can we do for you? >> now bbc world news. >> the condemnation of the jailed russian tycoons as he was sentenced to six more years in prison. death and injuries in baghdad after a series of terrorist attacks on christian homes during david -- christian homes. and politicians say this situation is unacceptable. >> it has been ineffective. this has not been the kind of organization that is fit for a purpose. >> welcome to bbc world news. trades to the french model who campaigned against anorexia, and queen elizabeth's eldest
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grandson is 12th in line for the throne. hello to the man who was once rush of's riches tycoon. he is now seen as a major test of the judicial system. today he was sentenced to another six years in prison for stealing oil from his own company and laundering the proceeds. several governments have condemned the verdict with claims that mr. putin is behind it. a good >> he already knew he was going to be convicted for a second time. the only question was how many. the answer came at the end of
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the judge's four-day verdict, a 14-day sentence starting from the arrest in 2003, exactly what the prosecution would ask for. it means the former billionaire could spend another seven years in prison. he will certainly still be behind bars for the next presidential election in 2012. >> i believe the sentence is absolutely illegal and not based on real evidence. the sentence is clearly issued under pressure, and it is quite clear where the pressure came from. the pressure came from the authorities headed by mr. putin. >> he was a small group of businessmen who made billions after the collapse of the soviet union, but critics point out only those who got involved in opposition politics found
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themselves up for wrong end of the law, and he spent much of his sentence inside the area. he is now waiting to hear where he will spend the next seven years of his life. >> two people have been killed in baghdad in a series of bomb attacks on christians. more than one dozen other people have been wounded. tensions have been on the rise since of least 50 were killed two months ago. the baghdad correspondent told may he will be part of a campaign to drive christians -- this will be part of a campaign to drive christians out of the country. >> in a large christian area, two people were killed, and the other is on christian homes around the capital in a largely muslim areas. they have been targeted in a coordinated rash of attacks through the evening in different
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parts of town, just like similar attacks 10 days after these attacks taking over the church against christians there on the last day of october. there will be a continuation of this campaign, apparently driving the christians out, although they have been here since the early years. >> if that is the aim, it seems to be pretty successful, doesn't it? >> there have been quite a number of christians leaving. it is easy for them to head north to the kurdish area of iraq, and there's already a christian community there that is being expanded by an influx from other parts of iraq, and many have left the country, and others are planning on leaving as well. there are several different
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denominations that have existed over so many centuries. they are really fearful it is hanging in the balance. >> 14 civilians have been killed by a roadside bomb in southern afghanistan, but others were wounded. new figures out of the u.s. show first-time unemployment claims fell last week to the lowest level since july of 2008. this is a sign the labor market is improving. a polish judge has jailed a swedish neon not say -- neo- nazi. and it did to stealing the infamous sign december last year. it was discovered in three pieces three days later. and found guilty on two charges
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of raping a woman who worked for him when he was a cabinet minister. fear the most serious charges ever brought against a high- ranking israeli politician. he faces at least four years in prison very good >> this is one of the most eagerly-awaited verdicts in israeli history. he rejected a plea bargain and insisting he wanted a day in court to clear his name. instead, the panel of judges called him guilty on two counts of rape and sexual harassment. his son was defiant. >> we will continue to walk with our heads high, and with god's help, everyone will know my father is innocent. >> outside the court, women's rights activists were hailing this as a victory.
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>> i am satisfied the court did purses with these women who have been abused. >> she now faces of these four years in prison. >> even someone famous or even someone from the high level, if you did do something, they can prove it. i think it is wonderful he was convicted. we still think he should be convicted. >> they have been pressured to step down with allegations of criminal behavior, and one has now been convicted. some say it is more evidence of the roughness at the heart of israeli politics, but others say it is a sign of the robust health of israeli democracy. >> they publish new rules that
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should make financial operations more transparent. a financial watchdog was set up to monitor every vatican entity that handles money. there are allegations of holy see has been interfering. police in nigeria suspect islamist militants of killing people in separate attacks in the northern city. one of them killed police. protests in bolivia on fuel prices. they maintain the strike has paralyzed at least four cities. fuel costs are up 70%. the crisis surrounding water supplies in northern ireland has gone into an 11th day. tens of thousands of people are still without running water.
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ministers are criticizing northern ireland's water. it could be early next week before all are reconnected. >> the huge job of repairing the many weeks is under way, but finishing is a long way off. for many families, more days of disruption lie ahead. >> there are dozens being reported every day, and with our resources, we are trying to get this done. we are trying to get it as short as possible. >> families who have lost the supplies are beginning to lose their patience. >> if it continues for a few days, it will be a problem. further afield they will have running water. it will beat a pilgrimage to get
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some fresh water. >> it is not just homes that have been affected. it is hospitals, too. goothe burst pipes have affected businesses, and the problems continue. at this hair dressers, many customers have been turned away. >> people are getting water wherever they can. they have been using backups from the sea to flush his toilets. the big question -- how long are people going to have to carry water home? >> we are hoping in the east belfast area of the situation will improve in the afternoon. i would say it could be early
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next week before everyone has a supply. >> they are trying to restore supplies as quickly as possible, and they say they are doing all but they can. they have engineers working on it, but there are some who feel northern ireland's politicians should be held accountable. >> they are not doing their work right. they cannot be in management. >> people are expecting politicians to come up with a way of ensuring it will never happen again. >> britain's queen elizabeth has become a great grandmother. the canadian-born wife of her son peter gave birth yesterday.
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the official word is the queen is delighted. it would be a story if she was not. >> the great grandchild was born at the cluster -- the gloucester hospital. the baby will be 12 in line for the throne. they married in windsor in 2008. from canada, the bride announce her catholic faith and joined the church of england. the wedding cause some unease over their decision to sell their stories as well as her great granddaughter, the new babies and is planning her wedding, and
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the big event is april. the marriage of prince william and kate middleton. queen victoria's nine children gave 17 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren. >> stay with us if you can. still to come, what happened to the iranian woman sentenced to death by stoning? our correspondent investigates. first flooded communities across eastern australia could be under water for more than a week, and the cleanup is expected to run into billions of dollars. days of torrential rain have left part of queensland inundated.
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river levels kept rising as water made its way to the sea. steve marshall has this report for the bbc. >> residents rescued from one of the many queensland's towns swamped by rapidly rising flood water. both are now the only form of transport. more than half of queensland is now officially a disaster zone. >> we have a number of communities facing the prospect of increased flooding over the next couple days, so this disaster that is unfolding on an unprecedented level is far from over. >> thousands of people have had to move from their homes as record rainfall and swollen rivers cut off homes as well as buildings, farm land has been affected, pushing the damage to billions of u.s. dollars, and
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the cities are about to be swamped estimates are sure to go up. in other parts of queensland, while others have started to recede, revealing extensive damage to roads. >> we will not know until floodwaters recede the total amount of damage done, but what this does mean is that the government will work together in those areas in partnership with the rebuilding of critical infrastructure. >> the true extent of this disaster is only just becoming clear. >> the latest headlines for you this hour. national criticism -- international criticism of the decision to jail the russian tycoons to another six years in prison. more bomb attacks on christians in iraq. a court in denmark has charged three men with trying to carry
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out an act of terrorism that according to police may have been just hours from going ahead. the suspect was alleged to plan to shoot as many people as possible. the newspaper published cartoons on the profit muhammed. >> amid the tightest security, the three men accused of trying to commit mass murder in denmark were driven to the court room. they face preliminary charges of an incentive act of terrorism and possession of a weapon. they were detained in custody for four weeks. a fourth man has been arrested but was released. third targets were believed to be the office of a newspaper that printed a cartoon of the profit mohammad in 2005, causing widespread anger among moslems. staff long feared militant islamists might try to attack the newspaper, and police say the plan was to kill as many
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people inside as possible. >> the police and the secret service are taking good care of us, and i am convinced they will keep us safe, but i am worried for our employees. >> four people were arrested in denmark. a 44-year-old to new zealand, a 29-year-old man born in lebanon, a swedish national, whose country of origin is unknown, and a 26-year-old iraqi, now released. a 37-year-old swedish citizen of too busy and organ -- origen was arrested -- of tunisian origen was arrested. they were expected to travel to sweden on tuesday night. this is when they might have hired a car. outside the court, relatives were angry. >> this happens to people because they follow their religions or because they have big beards and wear long dresses, and then they are
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called terrorists. >> the next day they brought of formal charges. >> the copenhagen police will now start their work, and this will be a joint operation between security. >> if convicted, the suspects face life in prison. >> the ivory coast's new ambassador to the united nations is saying he fears genocide in his country unless the euan helps -- the un helps. he was recognized as the winner, but the other is refusing to give up the post. >> he is a representative to the united nations for a government that does not hold power, and ivory coast's new senior diplomat at the stark message for the you in on behalf of his boss, the man whom international -- for manun on behalf of his
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boss. -- for the un on behalf of his boss. >> only because they want to seek out, we want to help the people. this is not possible. something should be done. >> ivory coast's incumbent president, refuses to give up power, and is also busy with his seat. the man he has named as his minister of employment.
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>he has his own warning. military action would be suicide. the standoff between the return to power shows no sign of being resolved, and the tension on the street continues, and un peacekeepers are continually the target of harassment by supporters. the u.n. is considering strengthening the force, while neighboring countries have not ruled out military intervention. >> the french model who campaigned against anorexia has died at the age of 28. isabel controversially posed nude for an advertising campaign while suffering from the disease. she asks that -- her family asked that her death be kept private.
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>> it was this controversial italian poster campaign that brought her to world attention. under the headline "no anorexia" her emaciated body was shown -- supposed to show the damage. she was believed to way under 30 kilograms at the time. she is reported to have died in november after returning to france from a job in tokyo. her family asked that her death be kept private and have not wanted this released until now. the cause is unknown, but her friends say she was treated for an acute illness in the hospital before hand. she became the find for her illness and often talk about her struggles with the condition. -- became defined by your illness and often talk about her struggle with a good kishinev
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reagan greeted with the condition. >> and -- talked about her struggle with the condition. >> and jumping by 20% in just one year. officials suggest 450 million chinese are using the net, just over a third of the population. more people are on line there than anywhere else. much global attention is focused on the woman in iran killed by stoning. she was convicted of adultery, but it is not clear whether that sentence will be carried out. >> out of view, the courts of iran were deciding the fate. she was featured with her son on state tv. she was shown confessing. look closely at the expressions in this photo.
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confessors believe the consent -- they believe the confession was forced. for months, demonstrators have called for her to be released. the campaign has reached european parliament. all the attention has forced iran to comments. the government insists her case is still going through the courts. her lawyer is no longer in iran to see it through. he had to go into exile in norway. has the public international campaign to save her life -- do you think that has made any difference at all? >> yes, it has, and not just in her case but with all cases. i am sure the iranian government will eventually back away from stoning cases. i do not think they have the courage to harm her, despite the recent documentary about her.
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the iranian government is unpredictable, but it knows if it touches her, it will face a heavy price. it will not benefit from executing her. the death penalty is still widely used in iran. they prepare for a public hanging. in 2009, iran executed more people than any other country apart from china. when he travels abroad, mahmoud ahmadinejad defends his country's legal system. get it is a hard case to make when a housewife is sentenced to death by stoning. >> it is very fundamental to the public, and that is the legal procedure has been gradually withdrawn and deteriorated over the last five to 10 years. >> the reputation of iran's
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legal system now rests on this case. we know her name but not her fate. >> the lead singer of the 1970's european group has died. ♪ he was 61. he was found dead in his hotel room while on tour in russia. he performed in street petersburg and complained about breathing problems before and after the show. time for a quick look at the top stories. international criticism of the decision by a russian court to keep the former oil tycoon in prison for another six years. he is a long-term opponent of the russian prime minister, vladimir putin. he has to stay in jail until
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2017 for embezzlement and money laundering. thanks very much for watching. >> see the news unfold. get the top stories from around the globe and click to play video reports. go to to experience in depth, expert reporting of bbc world news online. >> funding was made possible by the freedom foundation of new york, so vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, the john d. and catherine macarthur foundation, and union bank.
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